Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Shift to the East

Since at least the onset of the so-called scientific revolution, innovation has been associated with the West. In fact, this is not accurate, as even a cursory examination of the long history of scientific and technological invention in China reveals. But the current rise of scientific innovation in East and South East Asia (to different degrees, in different systems) is being characterised as a “Shift to the East”. Meanwhile, major Western systems are under-investing in higher education and research, while instituting barriers to the free flow of academic talent.

Supported by significant investment in R&D, and the goal to develop “World Class” universities, the global war for talent is tilting to the East, and in the process reshaping traditional assumptions about the sites of knowledge cores and peripheries.

The analysis charts the contours of this epistemic shift to the East, examines its implications, and assesses the likely future.

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