Value, Innovation, Entrepreneurship: An Ethical Perspective for Global Education, Research, & Development

The twenty-first century, at its very beginning, is exciting already with the intersections of sciences and technology and the booming global commercialism and entrepreneur startups. Self-driving cars and trucks, big data, drones, organ growth, and AI open an era that makes science fictions a reality. This paper will flip the conference theme and examine a field and research that is largely missing in our current education and life – Values. Value is not only in the monetary sense, but as profound human values, ethical research, and global principles. The presentation aims to examine the existing values from the East and the West in search of the insights, challenges, and the directions for humanity as ONE for a prosperous, healthy, and peaceful existence with a focus on goodness for all. Is this a too idealistic Utopian notion? Why is it even necessary? What is the reason for such an approach? How can we do so? The discussion will call for an urgent focus on this core philosophical engagement on value education, research, and application. At the same time, it will highlight the use of innovative and entrepreneurial approaches for global value education and integration.

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