Visas & Letters of Invitation

Entry Visas

Nationals of about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong visa-free for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days.

Check the Hong Kong Immigration Department website to learn whether you need a visa or entry permit to enter Hong Kong for a visit or transit.

Persons who need a visa or entry permit for visit (or purposes other than a visit) should obtain the appropriate visa or entry permit before travelling to the HKSAR.

IAFOR can provide a Letter of Invitation from the Conference Programme Committee to registered audience and presenters who require a visa or entry permit to attend the conference.

Letters of Invitation

A Letter of Invitation is an official document that confirms payment of registration fees and extends an official invitation to the paid registrant to attend and participate in the upcoming conference. In other words, it provides the holder with an official reason to come to Hong Kong. It may be required by your university for administrative purposes, and will likely form one of the documents required for visa application if you are from a country that does not have a visa exemption agreement with Hong Kong.

In order to qualify for a Letter of Invitation, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be registered as an author of an accepted abstract and/or paper
  • Have paid the conference registration fee in full
  • A verifiable email address from an institution (.edu, .org, .ac) is required. We are unable to accept a personal address (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.).

IAFOR will not, under any circumstances, provide a Letter of Invitation or visa application paperwork to any interested party who does not meet the three criteria listed above.

If your application for a Letter of Invitation is successful, your Letter of Invitation will be sent to you by email as a PDF attachment. In addition, a hard copy will be mailed to your residence or place of work. 

Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your application to be processed.

Letter of Invitation Application Process

After confirmation of conference registration we will send you instructions on how to apply for a Letter of Invitation. Providing all the information we receive is correct, the Letter of Invitation process will usually take between 7 and 21 days. Please allow ample time for the Letter of Invitation application process.

Letters of Invitation are sent as PDF attachments. A regular airmail option (free) and a trackable registered mail option (additional cost) are available.

Further Visa Assistance

All questions/concerns regarding the status of your visa should be directed to the Hong Kong immigration authorities or Hong Kong Embassy in your home country.

If your visa application is denied, please note that IAFOR will not be able to change the decision of the Hong Kong immigration authorities, nor will IAFOR engage in discussion or correspondence with the Hong Kong immigration authorities or the Hong Kong Embassy on behalf of the applicant.

IAFOR is not authorised to assist with the visa process beyond providing a Letter of Invitation.